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Cyber Security



In the modern business world, cyber security has quickly become one of the key challenges facing the IT companies driven by global connectivity and usage of cloud services. Security incidents regularly affect businesses and often cause reputational damage.


It is very hard to implement efficient security measures. Moreover, completing assessments manually is time consuming and requires more manpower than dedicated softwares.



Key Functionalities


Control Bridge’s Cyber Security Self Assessment solution helps to pinpoint the security gaps.


-  Keep an inventory of all controls and review forms.


-  Perform different types of assessments using a single platform.


-  Securely conduct control assessments and record the exceptions.


-  Keep track of workflows and audit trials.


-  Generate detailed insights and granular reports for regulatory compliance.



With our application firms can:


-  Help senior management to demonstrate total control of required regulatory requirements.


-  Reduce time spent on the assessment process.


-  Audit trials to keep track of changes.


-  Substantially reduce human resources and time to complete assignments.


-  Use Reporting system to facilitate fast and effective decision making process.