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Trading Venue Inventory (TVI)

Trading Venue Inventory (TVI)

Trading Venue Inventory (TVI)​


MiFID II and MiFIR form the legal framework governing the requirements for regulated markets (RMs), multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) and organised trading facilities (OTFs), which are commonly referred to as trading venues.

MiFIR new transparency and transaction reporting obligations apply to all trading venues and are adding up to the difficult challenges businesses have to face. Moreover, keeping track of trading venue inventory using manual processes is extremely complex nowadays.


Key Functionalities

Sirighi’s Trading Venue Governance  provides a comprehensive end to end solution to manage all regulatory compliance requirements. It can:

-  Record all trading venues attributes.

-  Keep track of trading venues status.

-  Maintain all inventories trackers and feedbacks.

-  Leverage analytics capabilities to make data-driven decisions.



With our application firms can:

-  Easily demonstrate adherence to all regulatory requirements.

-  Log activities and track all changes.

-  Access detailed reports and analytics.

-  Substantially reduce errors and save time, moving away from manual processes.

-  Better use human resources to perform high-value tasks.