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Third Party Service Auditor Reporting

Third Party Service Auditor Reporting

Third Party Service Auditor Reporting​


Businesses are increasingly relying on third parties to support their core activities.

While this offers a range of benefits, it also brings additional pressure because stakeholders need assurances over the third party risk. Moreover, firms struggle to perform assessments using the relevant frameworks and to develop reports.

New technologies and the right professionals can contribute to enhance trust and increase efficiency.


Key Functionalities

Our application includes:

-  Single platform to manage different frameworks and standards.

-  Perform multiple assessments and capture exceptions.

-  Record and retain all controls.

-  Centralised recording and review of all evidences produced.

-  Dashboard for detailed analytics.



The main benefits are listed below:

-  All activities are logged and changes are always controlled and monitored.

-  Automated reminders to keep track of the assessments.

-  Reduced time spent on auditing.

-  Reports aligned with all established frameworks.

-  Extractable reports for management review and regulatory compliance.