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Business Automation

Business Intelligence Reporting

“Report as a Service” Model

Our preferred reporting platform is ‘Microsoft Power BI’ though we can also provide services for other platforms (i.e. Tableau & QlikSense)



1. You can create a report from any Source: Excel files, XMLs, CSVs, and TXT files, SQL Databases, Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and NoSQL Databases.

2. Access to real time data

3. Drill down, slice and dice your data to understand better and improve decision making

4. Reports include graphical, tabular and free form layouts



1. Report will be hosted within your environment, therefore, there is no risk of compromising data confidentiality

2. Robust access control and security features

3. Role based security model



1. This is similar to ‘Pay as you go’ model – you get charged only when a new report is created or a change is made to an existing report

2. Services provided are both ‘Onsite’ as well as ‘Remote’

3. Average turnaround of creating a report when requirements are finalised is ‘7 working days’