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Robotic Process Automation, and beyond

Robotic Process Automation, and beyond

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Today’s unstable macro environment is multiplying business challenges. Organizations want to work smarter and faster and are heavily investing in advanced technologies to address poor efficiency.


Analytical thinking and decision making need skilled resources more than ever – and company’s staff can now focus on higher-level work and replace manual day-to-day tasks with automated processes.


The key is Robotic Process Automation, software robots that are proving to be game changers for digital transformation strategies and offer new opportunities to boost productivity, optimize costs and become agile.


What is Robotic Process Automation


RPA softwares automate repetitive, rules-based processes mimicking people interaction with software applications. Unlike standard computer programs RPA are dynamic, can search for patterns and build predictions.


Enterprises in industries ranging from financial services to insurance, from healthcare to manufacturing are implementing robotic process automation in multiple areas: compliance, operations, IT, customer service. RPA is broadly applicable and has become widespread because virtually any business is a candidate for automation.


To compete in a world that is embracing RPA at a lightning speed automate a single process is not enough. A comprehensive program is needed to create a platform capable of managing a variety of automated workflows: pilot projects can lay the foundation for broader, transformative initiatives and prove the benefits of scaling automation to deliver a big impact and becoming a fully automated enterprise.


Moreover, the integration of cognitive technologies such as speech recognition and machine learning with RPA makes it possible to extend automation to more complex processes that require perception or judgment once reserved for humans. Advanced robots can interpret text, engage in chats and conversations, understand unstructured data – drastically changing how work gets done.

Benefits of RPA


RPA’s potential benefits are various: reducing costs, lowering error rates, better operational metrics, compliance and overall service, and generating high impact in multiple strategic areas.


RPA is non-invasive and can be implemented rapidly to accelerate digital transformation. It drives immediate, significant improvement to business processes and has great resilience to deal with workload peaks and demand spikes. Companies across industries and most top executives agree RPA increases employee engagement and performances, greatly contributing to creating a better working environment.

These goals can be achieved even faster adopting computer-based business solutions that include Artificial Intelligence. Conceptually we can consider AI as the brain and RPA as the hands. AI brings RPA to a new level, expanding automation capability, accelerating decision making and ensuring a smooth execution of complex tasks. The future of both is increasingly brighter, as more businesses continue to demand solutions that boost productivity.

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