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FS Auction Inventory



Auctions Inventory Management and periodic assessments have become extremely important to make sure businesses comply with challenging regulatory requirements.


It is a complex task and traditional, manual processes cannot properly address new legislations and continuous system updates.



Key Functionalities


Control Bridge’s Financial Services Auctions provides a comprehensive end to end solution to manage all regulatory compliance requirements. It can:


-  Record and keep all Auctions attributes.


-  Keep separate inventories for different types of Auctions.


-  Assign risk score to each inventory.


-  Initiate and perform periodic self-assessments.


-  Automate email alerts for all changes and to track approval process.


-  Generate powerful reports and business analytics.



With our application firms can:


-  Help senior management to demonstrate compliance with all required regulations.


-  Reduce errors and substantially improve overall process.


-  Log all activities and easily keep track of them.


-  Automate emails throughout the assessment.


-  Easily access key attributes using powerful reports and analytics.