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Industry Overview


The changing economics of production and distribution, along with shifts in consumer demand and the emergence of smart products, are pushing manufacturers to explore radically new ways of creating and capturing value.


Advanced technologies are shaping the future of manufacturing. From predictive analytics, augmented reality, and additive manufacturing to digital design, advanced robotics, and new materials, innovations can enhance organizational competitiveness and drive economic prosperity.


The Internet of Things is revolutionizing many aspects of manufacturing operations, including real-time production monitoring, improving metrics accuracy and production efficiency.


Manufacturers should be embedding artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics in their operations today. The convergence of these new technologies will fundamentally shift the manufacturing enterprise. A new workforce with the ability to master these technologies is beginning to emerge.


The only constant today is disruption from new tech-based entrants. And changing consumer preferences and new distribution models are continuously reshaping the industry. With disruption comes the opportunity to innovate.


To stay competitive, organisations must be able to integrate new business models and technologies to accelerate and adapt. All the while, addressing critical risk, data protection and information security across the globe. Strategic, data-driven investments can help to make improvements across the value chain.



Partner with Sirighi


Whether your business is into manufacturing of industrial or commercial goods, there are several obstacles you need to overcome. There is no need for these challenges to hold you back from capitalising on opportunities.


Sirighi offers deep industry knowledge, along with our experience of providing in-depth planning, analysis and implementation of business solutions tailored to individual needs - both on a macro and micro scale. We understand how to improve productivity for smarter, faster and more advanced manufacturing and help clients achieve operational efficiency across the enterprise to build a better tomorrow.


We can guide you through cost and footprint optimisation, digitalisation and deals to help strengthen your value chain and manage risk. And our real-time insights help you transform your supply chain to be more flexible, resilient and transparent. We can be your long-term, collaborative partner to help sustain powerful performance improvements.


Together, we can help you achieve the transformations you need to deliver value today and into the future.