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Industry Overview


The insurance industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation and faces a truly unique moment in its long history. The pace of change has quickened and the challenges facing the insurance sector have become complex and acute. Even before the COVID-19, new regulations, new technology and mounting competition were challenging insurers.


Macroeconomic, technological and social shifts are changing the rules of the game. Evolving regulatory requirements and accounting standards are now forcing insurers to refocus and reimagine key processes in areas such as risk management, data protection and information security. There are new frameworks to deal with and making mistakes can result in heavy fines and penalties.


The pandemic and resulting economic fallout prompted radical operational changes practically overnight but the general disruption should be seen as an opportunity for the industry to remake itself in line with new societal realities and market needs.



Partner with Sirighi


Our global team of professionals can help navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain business and geopolitical landscape. Through our services insurers can adopt new business models, embrace transformation and optimize customer experience to drive long-term growth.


Sirighi has a pragmatic approach to innovation and combines deep experience in technology with strategies and solutions that create value and effectively manage risk - turning challenges into opportunities and looking beyond the traditional boundaries.

To improve both the accuracy and efficiency of risk controls, we assure companies turn to automation. Automated controls are more consistent, and a layer of analytics can make them more comprehensive.


We help to navigate the fast-changing environment and to move quickly and very strategically, using data in ways never imagined before and relentlessly driving the agenda forward with agility and sustained resilience.