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Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Industry Overview


The energy and utilities industry is witnessing rapid changes due to risk management, regulatory compliance requirements, cyber threats and more. Maintaining the synchronicity between the on-field operations and use of digital technologies is also seen as a difficult task. Furthermore, being a volatile market, there are endless risks for businesses and stakeholders that need to be mitigated.


Companies face a common challenge: how to marry short-term commercial pressures with the need to reshape their businesses for the future.


COVID-19 lockdowns, a collapse in industrial activity and global travel bans caused a substantial decrease in demand for natural resources. To continue to survive these times of uncertainty triggered by the pandemic, organizations will have to adjust their long-term strategies: they need to be increasingly agile and to review their strategic priorities more frequently. Overall, businesses want to self-disrupt before competitors force a more traumatic disruption.


With uncertainty and transformation driven by digital innovation and market volatility, companies are exploring how to adjust their businesses and satisfy changing customer demands.



Partner with Sirighi


In the midst of an industry undergoing fundamental change, we offer solutions that streamline workflows and audits, and insights to help you reshape your business for the future.


Our team helps you turn strategies into solutions for a competitive advantage. We will guide you on a digital transformation journey that helps to manage risks and reimagine the business model, focusing on the structure, services, technologies and capabilities needed to meet commercial objectives today and create long-term value tomorrow.


Sirighi provides a comprehensive framework to consolidate, strengthen and streamline processes – helping to manage multiple regulatory requirements and risks with an integrated and strategic approach. Whatever your sector we will help to identify new opportunities and to adapt to fast-changing environments.


In turbulent times, we are ready with practical assistance to help you prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from crises. Together, we can unlock the opportunities of an uncertain future — and build a better working world.