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Cyber Security Benchmarking

Cyber Security Benchmarking



It is important for organisations to perform periodic cyber security benchmarking assessments to overcome complex risks.



Key Functionalities


Control Bridge’s Cyber Security Benchmarking solution helps to:


-  Build a centralised hub to safely store and review all evidences.


-  Keep an inventory of all benchmarking controls and review forms.


-  Perform assessments for different functions and categories within the organisation.


-  Maintain a robust periodic approval process.


-  Analyse key performance indicators and detect security weaknesses.



With our application firms can:


-  Confidently demonstrate full compliance.


-  Help to map cyber practices against industry standards.


-  Log all changes and easily find / use them whenever needed.


-  Reduce human resources and time spent on management reporting and audit.


-  Accelerate complex problem solving through analytics and granular reports.