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Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Conflicts of Interest (COI)​


In today’s regulatory environment organisations have been compelled to have a process in place to track and update conflict of interests.

Most businesses struggle to establish a structured approach and find increasingly difficult to effectively manage all conflict of interests and approvals without dedicated softwares.


Key Functionalities

Sirighi’s Conflict of interests Self Assessment provides a comprehensive end to end solution to manage all regulatory compliance requirements. It can:

-  Easily maintain an inventory of conflict of interests. All in one place.

-  Record all attributes.

-  Initiate and perform periodic assessments.

-  Automatically send reminders.

-  Notify all changes to relevant stakeholders and keep track of them.

-  Log all activities.

-  Generate and export reports for further analysis.



With our application firms can:

-  Assure continued compliance with regulatory bodies.

-  Automate reminders and notifications to keep management updated throughout the process.

-  Audit trials to keep track of all changes.

-  Efficiently manage approval processes.

-  Customise reports, save time and make quick data-driven decisions.