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Conduct Risk Assessment (CRA)

Conduct Risk Assessment (CRA)

Conduct Risk Assessment (CRA)​


For any organisation risk assessment is very important as it forms an integral part of a health and safety management plan.

A risk assessment is a series or set of processes used to identify potential health and safety hazards, analyse and evaluate the associated risks, and determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control those risks.

Most businesses manage their process on an ad hoc basis; however, they do not have sustainable systems and processes in place to successfully comply with requirements and regulations.


Key Functionalities

Sirighi’s FS Conduct Risk Assessment solution helps to:

-  Record and keep an inventory of controls.

-  Maintain an inventory of risks.

-  Assign risks.

-  Map controls to mitigate risks.

-  Perform periodic risk assessments and assign risk ratings.

-  Automate email alerts.

-  Generate dashboards to quickly track key performance indicators.



With our application firms can:

-  Set and use a single source of information for all risk management processes.

-  Reduce time spent to map risks and multiple controls.

-  Perform control effectiveness assessments.

-  Substantially reduce number of employees assigned for regulatory compliance.

-  Elaborate data with rich visuals and accurate reports for enhanced decision making.