Sirighi Business Solutions

Sirighi Business Solutions was formed by a team of experienced professionals who are specialised in software development, business intelligence reporting, robotic process automation, regulatory compliance, risk management, GRC and audits, data analytics, business accounting, etc.

We deliver solutions to Fortune 500 companies as well as to Small and Medium Enterprises. Our solutions are generally grouped into the following:


1. Business Intelligence Reporting – This service is provided as continuous “Reporting as a Service” or as an one-off project. “Reporting as a Service” provides our clients flexibility around using our ‘Reporting Consultants’ as and when they require; therefore, there is no ongoing costs to the client, but they get their reporting solutions quickly. Click here to see more details


2. Robotic Process Automation – We are experts in automating your business process using Microsoft’s Power Automate. This helps businesses to reduce ongoing costs by eliminating repeated activities & significantly increase process efficiency. Click here to see more details


3. Software Development – We are experts in developing bespoke software for various clients’ needs. We do have pre-developed software for the following: Information Governance, GDPR processes, Regulatory Compliance, Algo Trading Risk Management, SOX, Benchmark Inventory, Third Party Risk Management, Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR), etc. Our pre-developed software can customised to your needs and deployed at a very short duration instead of going through a waterfall process. Click here to see more details


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