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Sirighi specialises in business process automation solutions targeting the three lines of defence, data protection, information security and regulatory compliance self-assessments. We serve both Fortune 500 companies and small-medium boutique firms.


Our solutions are a combination of bespoke software, robotic process automation and business intelligence reporting tools. We enable clients to harvest the best from the available technology, helping their staff to focus on core activities, improve overall performances and significantly reduce costs.

Most of our functional and technical experts have extensive experience in Tier 1 European and American corporates. They use cutting edge technologies and provide valuable insights to improve business processes - constantly ensuring robust controls, fail-safe systems and effective communication with appropriate stakeholders.


Through our five product lines - 1LOD, 2LOD, Audit, Data Protection, Information Security – our outstanding professionals serve clients globally and deliver value across multiple industries: from banking to insurance, from healthcare to energy, and more. Sirighi is a Microsoft Partner committed to service excellence and to improve the communities in which operates. A better working world is possible and we continuously invest in sustainable growth and inclusiveness to create positive change.




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